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"The Roar" - TLHS Newspaper

TLHS FFA 2022-2023 had a very successful year!

Newly Inducted Officers:

President- Logan Brown (Class of ‘23)

Vice President- Peyton Pollert (Class of ‘24)

Secretary- Jasmine McCormick( Class of ‘23)

Treasure- Trenton Burton (Class of ‘24)

Chaplain- Levi Pottschmit (Class of ‘24)

Historian- Paige Davidson ( Class of ‘24)

Reporter- Nathan Voleker ( Class of ‘23)

Sentinel- Levi Froedge (Class of ‘23)

Advisor- Brian Schroer

The 2021- 2022 school year: This year we had a very successful year! We participated in several events.

Starting the year we had a booth at the Jackson County Fair.

We took part in our first contest of the year at Jennings County. We had several members who never participated in a soil judging contest including myself (Jasmine McCormick) it was a hot but all in all it was a great time to see other chapters from other schools and enrich our knowledge in what makes a good soil for certain crops and what conditions and weather can make that soil the type of soil it is. After our contest we sent individuals to the FFA convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. The members had a blast and were very grateful for the experience and we are very fortunate to have had the opportunity.

We then went to the Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky. We saw amazing engineering and ideas from many famous brands who displayed their beautiful machines to the public. We of course got to see all of the antique toy tractors and eat delicious pork burgers (which of course, is a must)! 

We held our annual FFA week which was a great success and is an event we as a chapter believe the student body loved!

We then had lots of preparation for our next 2 contests. Envirothon was a great time for the chapter. We were invited to the Jackson County Ag breakfast where our VP earned scholarships to attend Purdue University in the fall. Her hard work is something very admirable and is a legacy we hope to carry throughout the chapter infinitely. There was about a month of preparation for the event and we had about 2 months of preparation for livestock judging in Little York which was quite a successful event. Our 2021- 2022  Madam Vice President Hannah Kerkhoff, won 9th out of roughly 150 competitors which we were very proud! To end the year we Inducted our 2022- 2023 officers!

The coming year (2022-2023):

I am very hopeful and optimistic that the coming year will be a great year for the Trinity Lutheran FFA chapter. The newly inducted officers display dedication to the chapter and passion to help the community and display FFA's values well. FFA is a dynamic youth organization that changes lives and prepares members for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. This year our goal is to help the community and give back more than we have in the past. As officers, our hope is to instill the values and goals into the chapter as a whole and leave it better than we found it. There are plenty of opportunities and great ideas that we have to include TLHS and the community as a whole. Through these opportunities, we hope to educate the student body and community about agriculture, being a good neighbor and how crucial agriculture is to the community locally and internationally. 

Shout out to the seniors: 

Our seniors this year include Conner Sims (President 2021-2022), Hannah Kerkoff (Vice President 2021-2022), Kade Hill (Sentinel 2021-2022), Mathew Cobb ( Reporter 2021-2022), and Preston Kovenor. The seniors displayed a great array of leadership this year and years in the past.This class is exceptionally hard working and great role models. Conner Sims was practically born for leadership roles and is great at troubleshooting any problems we might have had. Hannah Kerkoff is great at including everyone and their ideas and assisting Connor with anything he needed help with. The two made a great duo and helped the chapter grow exponentially! Kade Hill always allowed our guests to feel welcome and helped the president to maintain order. Mathew Cobb fulfilled his duties by being at most contests and events and was very active in whatever we were doing so if need be, he could report back to the chapter how we did. Preston is great at cracking the jokes and keeping the energy in the room interesting and lively. A huge thank you to the seniors for everything! The growth and leadership you contributed to the chapter is easily appreciated! Thank you for leaving the chapter better than you found it!

Trinity Art Show Is a Success

By Sadie Nay

Last weekend was the art show, and it was a great success. Many Trinity students, their families, and other community members showed up to show their support and look at the impressive pieces that were created by the students. 

Freshmen, most of whom take Introduction to 2D and 3D Art, had their work displayed in the commons area, where parents and other onlookers could see the progress they have made. Similarly, the sophomores and juniors take classes (Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Jewelry, etc.) where they have improved their creative skills in those specific areas. Seniors who are in Advanced 2D and 3D set up displays of their artwork, artist statements, and labels as a part of their final grade. Overall, the Trinity art students across all grades have worked hard during the 2021-2022 school year to create a wide variety of creative pieces which demonstrate their growth and development of their artistic abilities. And this weekend, parents, teachers, and community members showed their pride in the students’ artwork by coming to the art show and giving their support. 

And, as an art student myself, I would like to give a huge thank you to Mrs. Adler, who spent weeks preparing for the art show by matting and labeling projects, making sure students had their pieces complete, and by organizing the Art Show all together. But, it was all worth it in the end because everyone’s hard work paid off. 

Oh Canada!

By: Addison Bumbleburg

Trinity brought home placing ribbons in each Academic Super Bowl team! Academics hold an important part in the overall goal of Trinity’s education. Many students choose to go a step further and join the Academic Super Bowl team. This team divides up into subjects of math, history, english, fine arts, science, and interdisciplinary. Each team learned about Canada in their varying subjects as that was the theme this year. The teams competed hard on April 19th, and it proved a great success!

These teams have been attending practices once a week either in the mornings or during lunch to study the materials. The math team learned calculus limits, matrices, arithmetic and geometric sequences, varying coordinates, and imaginary numbers along with a history of mathematicians in Canada. History pushed through a 600 page book on the history of Canada, a true feat to accomplish in a few months. English read Life of Pi, Never Cry Wolf, various short stories, and poems by Margaret Atwood. Fine Arts studied both Canadian artists, and Canadian music from indigenous to classical to popular music of today. Science learned about the ecosystems, chemistry, and focused particularly on glaciers. Interdisciplinary team compiles questions from all the subjects into one squad of four members. 

Each team brought home a ribbon for their hard work. Math scored third in their class, history received first place in their class, english placed third in their class, fine arts brought home second place in their class, science swept up first place not only in their class but out of all the schools participating that night, and interdisciplinary received second place in their class. Trinity is quite proud of this monumental accomplishment! In fact, Trinity’s science team: Simeon Bauman, Benjamin Neawedde, and Bradley Dyer, qualified for the state competition on May seventh, and they are excited to represent their school in this tough competition. Congratulations to all the teams!

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Exhibiting Honor in our Schools

By: Addison Bumbleburg

The National Honor Society plays a major role in many of Trinity students’ educations. Each year the school welcomes new students to the group who have exhibited strong service, leadership, character, and scholarship in their time at Trinity. This year’s National Honor Society induction welcomed a host of new students proud to serve their school. Trinity welcomed the proud parents to participate in this exciting event. Over the course of these students’ time at Trinity they will work hard to uphold their GPAs, complete service hours to better their community, and participate in leadership opportunities. National Honor Society has been a wonderful program for these students; it assists in growing the leaders and innovators of the next generation, and Trinity is proud to be a part of this historic event each year. 

St. Patrick’s Day at Trinity

By Sadie Nay

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, and many Trinity students came to school decked out in green. Many of the students even had shamrocks on their clothes. But, what is St. Patrick’s Day, and why do some people choose to celebrate it?

St. Patrick’s Day commemorates the death of St. Patrick, who is the patron saint of Ireland. But in more modern times, people use this day to celebrate Irish culture. People all across the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day through music, food, parades, and dancing.

According to, St, Patrick was kidnapped at age sixteen and forced to become a slave. However, in his later life, he is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. It is said that he explained the Holy Trinity by using the three leaves of the shamrock, which would become one of the national symbols of Ireland. 

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Irish immigrants took their heritage with them to the Americas. As a result, many Americans to this day celebrate St. Patrick’s day in accordance with Irish traditions, which includes students at Trinity Lutheran High School.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

FFA week is here! President of the FFA Conner Sims said he enjoys being the leader but wouldn't be able to do it without help. He said that the group’s supervisor Mr. Schroer “is a big reason why everything runs smoothly.” Mr. Schroer helps get approval from the school for certain trips and activities.  Sims said everyone helps when they can and that “They are incredible people to work with.” Sims said that although the students help setup and run the activities, that his Vice President  “is more on the technical side of things and does the book work.” Sims also said that working with other FFA chapters isn’t a challenge because “everyone wants to make FFA as good as it can be.” The only real challenge Sims said is finding a good time for everyone to meet. Finally when asked how he thought this year's FFA week would go, Sims confidently stated that “FFA week will be a big success.”

Trinity Ladies Make ISSMA State

By: Addison Bumbleburg

Trinity’s music department proves to be a reputable representation of Trinity every year. This year Mrs. Schneider brought an ensemble of six choir members: Riley Lawles, Samantha Enzinger, Sarah Lemming, Nanami Higa, Kaitlynn Rowe, and Addison Bumbleburg to the ISSMA solo and ensemble. They sang the beautiful piece “Lux Aeterna”. These six wonderful ladies woke up bright and early to sing at North Decatur High School and they did not disappoint. They brought home a gold medal in the first division- the highest division to enter- and an entry to the state competition. This weekend marks that state competition, and the ladies will be singing at Perry Meridian High School on February 19th. Sadly, Sarah Lemming is away being distinguished in hopes of winning Distinguished Young Woman of Indiana, so she cannot come to ISSMA state. Thankfully, Kathryn Whitmore has stepped up to fill her spot. Mrs. Schneider appreciates her willingness to jump in on such late notice. We wish these ladies well and know they will praise God with their beautiful voices once again at state. Addison Bumbleburg also performed a solo, “Star Vicino” by an unknown composer. She too received gold. If you are interested in learning more about the Trinity ladies at ISSMA, check out The Tribune’s article! 

Skip Day

Preston Kovener

This year the senior class is taking a trip to Holiday World. Everyone seems to be excited for the trip. The class is leaving around when school starts, making the two hour drive down. People will be able to explore the park in groups all day. There are many popular rides, none as popular as the voyage. It will probably be the main ride for the day. Although the thunderbird has its fans. The thunderbird is the park's only large metal coaster and uses a launch start instead of a traditional hill. People will also spend time at the waterpark, Splash and Safari. The water park has many exciting rides like the mammoth, a full water coaster coaster. Students will be able to enjoy these rides and more at Holiday World next month.

Boys’ Golf

Preston Kovener

The 2022 golf season has been underway for a few weeks now. The team has had one 18 hole tournament and three 9 hole matches. The boys did not win the tournament however, they did not place last. The first 9 hole match they placed second but the boys have won the last two matches, setting a win streak they plan on continuing. The boys are happy with how they have been performing and are optimistic about their future matches. I spoke to the freshman of the team Wylie Jones, “I’m doing alright. I need to work on my short game, but who doesn’t?” One of the seniors Kade Hill said, “He’s doing better than we expected so we’re happy.” Everyone on the team is excited for what’s to come next.

Academic Bowl Performs Well in the Invitational

By: Addison Bumbleburg

Trinity is proud to have so many academic students throughout the school. The Academic Super Bowl Teams recently participated in a practice competition to prepare for the regional coming up in April. There are teams for each subject area including: History, Performing Arts, English, Science, Math, and an Interdisciplinary team that includes questions from each subject area. The students have been working hard to review the information pertaining to Canada this season, and they’ve had a lot of fun. The coaches do a wonderful job helping the students grasp these difficult questions. Mrs. Schneider coaches performing arts teaching music and art analysis. Mr. Anderson runs the history team and miraculously helps them through big books filled with information each year. Miss Lowe has fun with her English team, giving them insight into a book’s deeper meaning or analyzing poetry. Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Akey co-coach the science team, teaching them about ecosystems, glaciers, and chemistry. Mrs. Stuckwisch works with the math team, helping them learn calculus concepts and matrices in a short amount of time. The students and teachers apart of this team work hard to perform well in these competitions. The performing arts team made up of Addison Bumbleburg and Sarah Lemming scored highest in this last invitational of all the other schools. The English team comprised of: Kaitlynn Rowe, Adam Everroad, Addison Bumbleburg, Ben Neawedde, and Kathryn Whitmore scored a remarkable 18 out of 25. Overall, the teams are in great shape to represent the school well at the regional level on April 19th. Wish them luck!