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Today in Sports with Schedules

Tuesday November 29th
   Girls' Varsity only AWAY to Indy Lutheran  7pm
Thursday December 1st  
Girls' Varsity ONLY HOME vs. Edinburgh  6:30 pm  
Friday December 2nd
Boys' Varsity and Reserve at Columbus East  6pm and 7:30
Saturday December 3rd
Boys' Varsity and Reserve HOME vs. Hauser  6pm and 7:30
NO GAME--Girls' Varsity and Reserve  AWAY to vs. Scottsburg  6pm and 7
has been moved January 7th due to team illness.  
Eventlink is still the best way to see immediate changes in schedules.  
Updated 11-7-2022 boys' and girls' basketball schedules here:
For up-to-the-minute schedules, see
Spring schedules are developing on Eventlink now.
All Reserves and C-team schedules will be added soon.