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Welcome from Chaplain Haugen

Welcome from the Campus Chaplain:

It is my pleasure and privilege to teach the young people at Trinity Lutheran about
Jesus Christ. At Trinity we approach the Old and New Testament from a Lutheran
perspective that sees Christ as the center of the bible and all things leading to him.
While, we are aware that not all students at Trinity are going to come from a Lutheran
background, we at TLHS come from a 500-year educational tradition that truly does
believe we have something to offer every student that will help anchor them into the
forgiveness and grace of Christ. It is our hope that this is a blessing to them as they
seek to be faithful people in all the various vocations that Lord is going to place them.
This anchoring in Jesus will not only help them in their own personal lives but ideally
supply them to be effective salt and light for the larger world. When we think of all the
folks who have passed through our doors, and will continue to do so, we truly are
blessed to serve the Lord in this various corner of His vineyard.
May the Lord bless you and keep you this academic school year and all school years to

Peace in Christ,
Pastor Joshua Haugen